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The Benefits of a Powerflush

Powerflushing is a fast, economical and highly effective solution to protect your central heating system. It will remove dirt and sludge affecting performance in the short term. This method also gives lifetime protection for your central heating in the long term.

The benefits of powerflushing are:-

  • Speedy process, usually taking no more than two hours from start to finish
  • Virtually all suspended black iron oxide is removed in one power flush
  • Treated central heating systems benefit from ongoing protection
  • Cleanser remains heated and concentrated throughout the process for exceptional efficiency
  • Environmentally aware process – water is only disposed at the end of the power flush
  • Leads to greater protection and improved performance of your boiler

See the benefits in this short video

Central Heating Cleaning

Powerflushing is an ideal solution for central heating cleaning. The process should always be done by a trained technician, such as Sussex Boiler Replacements. Methods for powerflushing depend on whether a customer has a vented or unvented water cylinder, and this can be discussed before work begins.

Even when there is no evidence of problems with flow through your system, we recommend undertaking a powerflush of any central heating system prior to the installation of a new boiler. This enhances the performance of your new boiler by removing any dirt, grease or debris that is left behind. It also prevents the inconvenience of future problems.

At the end of the powerflushing process, your system will contain clean water, and getting it all back up and running again won’t take long.

For further information about why your central heating system might benefit from powerflushing, or to book a power flush, please get in touch.