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New Boilers


New boilers installed in West Sussex, Mid Sussex and East Sussex

Sussex Boiler Replacements is the highest rated boiler replacement company in West Sussex, Mid Sussex and East Sussex. That fact is testified in online reviews and search engines. As Gas Safe and OFTEC registered professionals, we specialise in helping homeowners choose an energy efficient boiler, which is entirely suitable for their property. Our customers are empowered to make the right option that suits their needs. The range we offer is comprehensive and the installation process is completed by our specialist team.

Our installation of a new energy efficient boiler will save you approx £300 per year in gas bills. Add up-to-date heating controls and the savings could be higher! The new boiler will also be included on the Gas Safe Register, to meet building notification requirements.

Here are 10 reasons why people choose Sussex Boiler Replacements for boiler needs:-

  • Consultation with client to ensure appliance is appropriate
  • 10 year warranty given on ALL Vaillant boilers
  • Magnetic system filter for each installation
  • System flush given on every installation
  • Two-year workmanship warranty
  • Gas safe certificate given after completion for gas boilers
  • Electrical installation certificate given after completion
  • System water tested for cleanliness
  • FREE first year of service
  • Financing options available to keep within your budget


Choosing your energy efficient boiler

Sussex Boiler Replacements is experienced in professional boiler installation. We offer the first year service for free to give householders peace of mind. Our company uses their experience to choose the right boiler for your home. Different boilers work in different ways. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We research into the best type to entirely suit your needs:-



A combi-boiler meets demand for heat and hot water without water tanks and hot water cylinders. It saves space and works akin to a standard boiler – heating up the main system and incoming mains cold water, at the same time, for the hot tap. These boilers are reputed to be the most efficient as they only heat water that is used (rather than heating a hot water cylinder and using half the water). The disadvantage is a lesser hot water flow rate. Combi-boilers are usually not suited for large properties with more than one shower. However, new technology means there are some combi-boilers with a built-in hot water store. They allow for quicker distribution and higher flow rates for multiple outlets – such as in a large home.

Conventional Heat-Only Boiler

The conventional heat-only boiler warms up heating circuit water. It relies on a hot water cylinder, with a cold water storage tank in the loft space. This boiler also needs a feed and expansion tank for water supply, a circulation pump to move the heated water through the system and zone valves for heating control. Conventional heat-only boilers take up a lot of space in the home, so it’s suited for larger homes. An advantage is a back-up hot water system and the stored cold water can be heated by an immersion heater, if fitted.


System Boiler

A system boiler is a compromise between a combi-boiler and conventional heat-only boiler.  It can be fitted without a water tank in the loft – just like a combi-boiler. It’s working method is similar to a conventional heat-only boiler. System boilers are therefore suited for bigger homes and systems, or if there is no loft space to allow for the tanks needed to use a conventional boiler.

Condensing Boiler

New boilers are all condensing boilers, to be more energy efficient. Condensed water is produced, which needs to be drained via a small drainage pipe. If that is not practical, a pump can remove the condensed water. Condensing boilers are highly efficient by re-using flue gases in the heating process.


Sussex Boiler Replacements meets all your professional needs for new or replacement boilers. If you have any questions, or to discuss your requirement, leave us a message here or phone today on 01903 791491.