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Central Heating installation


Central heating installation across Sussex

Central heating systems cost more money if outdated – compared to newer, replacement central heating systems. Sussex Boiler Replacements work across Sussex to help customers get the most effective use of boilers and related heating and water set-ups. We can install a pre-chosen system or inform you what’s on the market. We are always happy to help and you can be assured of professional support at all times.

Options for central heating include a combi boiler, conventional boiler, or a system boiler. We will calculate the outputs needed for your radiators, hot water demand and boiler  – to set up a tailor-made central heating system to entirely suit your home – both cost effective and energy efficient.

Sussex central heating and controls experts

If your central heating system has incorrect components or missing controls – it is less cost effective and energy efficient. Sussex Boiler Replacements advises on up-to-date components: central heating programmers; thermostatic radiator valves and room thermostats. Correct installation of components, so they work harmoniously, means your home is heated at the right temperature and time period.


What does a central heating installation involve?

We manage central heating installations across West Sussex, Mid Sussex and East Sussex. Our work is installed to a high standard, and we use latest technology in your new boiler and your central heating controls and thermostat.

As part of the manufacturer’s installation requirements, your existing central heating system will be power flushed to remove any ‘sludge’ and dirt. In a new system this flush will remove the chemicals used in the installation process and also  remove any potential dirt in the new radiators. The installation will then be left with a system inhibitor to protect the system and its components from any further dirt build-up.

If you would like to discuss a new central heating installation, or the central heating controls that your current system may be missing, please get in touch with our office today.

Why choose Sussex Boiler Replacements to install your central heating system?

Here are 10 reasons why people choose Sussex Boiler Replacements for central heating installation:-

  • Consultation with client to ensure appliance is appropriate
  • 10 year warranty given on ALL Vaillant boilers
  • Magnetic system filter for each installation
  • System flush given on every installation
  • Two-year workmanship warranty
  • Gas safe certificate given after completion for gas boilers
  • Electrical installation certificate given after completion
  • System water tested for cleanliness
  • FREE first year of service
  • Financing options available to keep within your budget